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Coming soon... - Plane Escape (Remastered) [SPOILER TERRITORY AHEAD]

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I hate the original Plane Escape. It was very cartoonish, no real grounding on reality and wasn't a developed enough story.

The new Plane Escape story is going to be more drawn out (for world building purposes), but its the same basic premise.

"See the world through the eyes of Emily Pierce, a 14 year old girl, as her plane is hijacked and divebombed into the ground of a city. Her family is all dead with her brother MIA, and she must now traverse the land. She enters a building, just trying to find a phone and ends up being at the feet of a terrorist operation."

Now I have made some interesting world-building decisions and other decisions.

The terrorist headquarters is going to take on a modernist-medieval type of look, lighting that represents a gloomy atmosphere, its going to be more well thought out in the story.

Emily is no longer going to just use one weapon, she is now going to use the area around her as a weapon more often. I felt so weird doing this design thing where Emily only used one weapon, in a place where terrorists with weapons roam.

I also kind of felt the need to expand a little more on the Pierce family, and on the hijackers themselves. I felt the story just kind of... started, with no real backstory to anything. Terrorists were just evil arabic guys who took the controls and crashed the plane in a field. It felt unrealistic to me, why did they crash the plane into a FIELD? This time around, they're going to crash because they don't know the controls.

It also felt unrealistic that there was no rescue team or that the US government didn't get more involved in the story. This remaster is to expand on these elements and just about every element.

I felt that killing off Emily Pierce the way I did in the story was cheap, so a different ending is being thought out.

Plane Escape was always supposed to be a realistic story, but I felt the way I wrote it was rushed and cartoonish.

I'm going to be finding places to publish the story and make threads for chapter discussion.






GN Austin wrote:


oh also, Emily Pierce doesn't suck cock in this story.



Steven wrote:

oh also, Emily Pierce doesn't suck cock in this story.

0/10 worst story there is no secks



What's Place Escape?



Oh shit



hecc wrote:

What's Place Escape?

A story about a hot girl with boobs destroying terorists


You are here » Ocular Boards » Plane Escape Discussion » Coming soon... - Plane Escape (Remastered) [SPOILER TERRITORY AHEAD]